A la fois vertigineuse et sûre, la via ferrata à Crest-voland permet d’expérimenter, entre ciel et terre, des sensations incomparables, entre frissons de la verticalité, bonheur d’évoluer dans un univers nouveau, et joie de l’effort (car il faut tout de même un minimum de condition physique !).


Climbing and Via Ferrata course

Collective and individual climbing courses (3 to 8 persons) from May to October. Climbing and Via Ferrata, on the climbing rock of Les Mottets or other nearby climbing areas. Sessions from 2 hours to 1 day. From 8.

73590 Crest-Voland

Pierre, certified instructor in Crest-Voland Cohennoz, will make you discover the climbing wall of Les Mottets. Come by yourself, with your friends or family, and discover this activity, ideal for self-confidence.

Opening period

From 01/05 to 29/10/2017, every tuesdays and thursdays between 5 PM and 7 PM.
Spring and autumn: on demand.

From 01/05 to 31/10/2018, daily.


From 01/05 to 29/10/2017
One price: 37 € (2h collective course)
Multi-session tickets: 130 € (4 sessions package (not nominative)).

From 01/05 to 31/10/2018
One price: 39 € (2h collective course)
Multi-session tickets: 136 € (4 sessions package (not nominative)).
Group rate available for > 8 people.

Group and individual: rates for Via Ferrata and climbing on demand.


Direct, Bruyère Pierre


    8 years

    Good to know

    Insurance: participants have to make sure they are covered for this activity.

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    Via Ferrata Le Roc du Vent.
    From 24/06 to 08/10.
    Departure to : Arêches-Beaufort
    Type : BOUCLE
    Height difference : 550
     : 5h

    Via Ferrata Le Roc du Vent is accessible for the majority of people. You will appreciate the steep footpaths and the climbing. Through this Via Ferrata, you will discover the real sensations of the mountaineering.

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    Yves Pollet-Villard via ferrata
    From 15/05 to 31/10.

    This activity is a cross between hiking and mountaineering. 700 m long, the via ferrata "Yves Pollet-Villard" is equipped with ladders, footbridges, ramps and cables. Situated in the Borderan Mountain, the via ferrata is near the Aravis Colar road.

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    Agatha's rock Via Ferrata
    From 01/01 to 31/12.

    The Thones via ferrata is the perfect example of the french via ferrata, close to town, with exposed sections, well equipped with safety in mind. Take it seriously, the whole town is watching! Special via ferrata equipment is necessary.

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    Via Ferrata: la Tour du Jalouvre
    From 15/05 to 03/11.
    Opening based on snow conditions, and you are entirely responsible for your own safety. Closed when covered in snow. Enquire about opening dates and conditions. There is a new exit route near "Fred's" exit. Climbers need to pay attention since the trail runs along an area guarded by Pyrenean mountain dogs (known locally as patous). This new route has an exposed section equipped with a handrail, so we recommended that you keep your equipment on.

    Subject to favorable weather.

    1100 m long, rated D to D+, this via ferrata includes mind blowing exposure in a very mineral setting.

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    Via Cordata La Marzellaz.
    Du 01/05 au 31/10 : ouvert tous les jours.

    This safety climbing route has a minimum of equipment, but if you try, you won't be disappointed ! The duration is about 45 minutes even one hour.

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    Alpine hike: Pas de l'Ours Trail
    From 06/15 to 10/15.

    Subject to favorable weather.
    Departure to : Ugine
    Height difference : 900
     : 5h

    Along the whole length of the trail you will overlook impressive mountain cliffs and see the mountain road and Col de l'Arpettaz 900m below your feet. The trail takes you to the summit of Mont-Charvin, the highest point of which is at 2409 m.

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    Golet de la Trouye Trail
    From 06/15 to 10/15.

    Subject to favorable weather.
    Departure to : Ugine
    Type : BOUCLE
    Height difference : 900
     : 6h

    This trail uses the cable-equiped section of the Pas de l'Ours trail, and completes the Charvin loop. Enjoy varied landscapes and incredible panoramic views of Mont-Blanc, 40m-high peaks in Switzerland and Mont-Aiguille.

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    Via Ferrata of Curalla
    From 15/04 to 12/11.
    Departure to : Passy
     : 0.5
    Height difference : 180
     : 2h

    The only via ferrata opposite Mont-Blanc.