High mountain guides will take you out on the “via ferrata” trails overlooking Mont-Blanc.


Group climbing course

Collective and individual climbing courses (3 to 6 persons) from May to October. Climbing and Via Ferrata, on the climbing rock of Les Mottets or other nearby climbing areas. Sessions from 2 hours to 1 day. From 8.

Devant l'Office de Tourisme

Pierre, certified instructor in Crest-Voland Cohennoz, will make you discover the climbing wall of Les Mottets. Come by yourself, with your friends or family, and discover this activity, ideal for self-confidence.

Opening period

From 01/05 to 31/10/2021, every Tuesday and Thursday between 5.30 pm and 7.30 pm.

From 01/05 to 31/10/2022, every Tuesday and Thursday between 5.30 pm and 7.30 pm.

Subject to favorable weather. Cancelled in case of bad weather. Postponed in case of bad weather. On demand.


From 01/05 to 31/10/2021
One price: 41 €
Multi-session tickets: 141 €.

From 01/05 to 31/10/2022
One price: 43 €
Multi-session tickets: 146 €.

Group and individual: rates for Via Ferrata and climbing on demand.


Direct, Bruyère Pierre
    Booking centre, Office de Tourisme du Val d'Arly - Bureau de Crest-Voland / Cohennoz
    • 04 79 31 62 57
    • info@crestvoland-cohennoz.com


    From 8 years

    Good to know

    Insurance: participants have to make sure they are covered for this activity.

    Tourism Adapted
    • Not accessible in a wheelchair
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    Via Ferrata of Curalla
    From 24/04 to 02/11.
    Departure to : Passy
    distance : 0.5km
    Height difference : 180m
    Duration : 2h

    Total length: 400m Level: AD+ Duration: 1 1/2 hours Altitude on departure: 1250m Maximum altitude: 1420m Approach time: 20 minutes Return time: 45 minutes Technical tips: this via ferrata is in full sunlight so remember to carry plenty of water.

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    Via Ferrata Le Roc du Vent.
    From 16/06 to 10/10/2021.
    Departure to : Arêches-Beaufort
    Type : BOUCLE
    Height difference : 550m
    Duration : 5h

    La Via Ferrata du roc du Vent regroupe une multitude d'attraits aussi bien techniques (rampes, vires, minimum de barreaux, passerelle et tunnel) que visuels : panorama sur les lacs, les alpages, les sommets du Beaufortain et le Mont-Blanc. Longueur : 2000m dont 950m câblés. Cotation : AD peu soutenu. Durée : 4 à 5 heures. Altitude de départ : 1813m ; altitude d'arrivée : 2360m. Temps d'approche : 45 min ; temps de retour : 30 min. Matériel necéssaire : baudrier avec mousqueton à vis. Casque. Double longe avec absorbeur de choc et 2 mousquetons à vérrouillage automatique et grande ouverture. Ne jamais utiliser de sangles seules : danger mortel en cas de chute. L'assurage en cordée est vivement recommandé surtout pour les enfants et les débutants. Mousquetonnage permanent du câble et des échelons pour les parties verticales, double longe avec absorbeur indispensable.

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    Agatha's rock Via Ferrata
    From 01/01 to 31/12.

    Route on a rock face fitted with ladders and monkey lines.... alititude difference +235m, length 895m, south-west facing, starting altitude 660m, arrival altitude 895m. Difficulty : first part D, second part : D+ if you leave on the ladder, ED if you finish using the overhang. Time required : (climb and descent) 2-3 hours. Access : 10 minutes from the road, return time 30 minutes. Special equipment necessary (equipment rental from Versant Nord : tel 04 50 32 10 02).

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    Via Ferrata du Parc Thermal
    Do not enter Via Ferrata during stormy weather or at night.
    Open in spring - summer - autumn, depending on the weather. For more information please contact the Tourist Office.
    Departure to : Le Fayet
    Duration : 3h30

    In addition to classic equipment (ladders, etc.), this via ferrata is equipped with six structures: 3 Nepalese walkways, a log walkway, a beam and a monkey bridge. DEPARTURE It is located behind the thermal baths, reachable in 15 minutes on foot. It is also possible to take the start from the Thermes footbridge, without making the 1st section SECTION N ° 1 / LOW PART AD + rating (Quite Difficult +) Duration approximately 1 hour Escape n ° 1 Mick Bozon at the footbridge of the Baths at the end of this section. After this exit, rating D + (Difficult +) SECTION 2 / INTERMEDIATE PART D + rating (Difficult +) Duration approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes Escape n ° 2 Maurice Lenoir. Escape n ° 3 Thierry Broisat. After this exit, TD + rating (Very Difficult +) SECTION N ° 3 / FINAL PART TD + rating (Very Difficult +) Duration approximately 1 hour Final outing under the ruins of Châtelet

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    Yves Pollet-Villard via ferrata
    From 11/06 to 15/11.

    By law N° 07/079, of May 3rd 2007, the via ferrata is forbidden from November 15th till May 5th and, except this period, if the control visit has not been made and if the snow conditions makes the way back so much dangerous.

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    Via Ferrata des Evettes
    From 20/06 to 20/09.

    Subject to favorable weather.
    Departure to : Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
    Height difference : 150m
    Duration : 1h30

    Hike to the starting point from top of Flegere cablecar: 20 minutes.. Difficulty: AD Height: 150m Time of ascent: 1hr30 Return walk from the top: 20 minutes. Obligatory equipment: - Double layered with showk absorber - Helmet - Harness Using a rope is highly recommended.

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    Golet de la Trouye Trail
    From 06/15 to 10/15.

    Subject to favorable weather.
    Departure to : Ugine
    Type : BOUCLE
    Height difference : 900m
    Duration : 6h

    This trail uses the cables-equipped section of the Pas de l'Ours trail, and completes the Charvin loop. Enjoy varied landscapes and incredible panoramic views of Mont-Blanc, 4000m-high peaks in Switzerland, and Mont-Aiguille.

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    Via Ferrata: la Tour du Jallouvre
    From 07/07 to 07/11.
    Opening based on snow conditions, and you are entirely responsible for your own safety. Closed when covered in snow.

    Subject to favorable weather.

    After a 20 to 30 minute approach from the parking lot, start up the first section by traversing a series of ledges up and left, over good quality rock, that lead to “Arche du Bouquetin” (Ibex Arch), just prior to the crux of the route. Climb up and over the slightly overhanging crux via a series of small steps, which require moves similar to climbing. This overhanging section is called the “Cul Tourné”, French for “turning your rear end around”. After a section over rock, then another easy section, traverse directly towards “La Tour” (TheTower). You can stop here, and start your descent via the “Sortie à Fred” (Fred’s Exit), by walking along an easy ledge, and then down a few steps to the descent trail. Reach the tower via a 16 m long hanging footbridge (the “Passeralle du Gypaète” or “Bearded Vulture footbridge”, there are bearded vultures in the area). Enjoy the exposure when crossing the footbridge and then start climbing up the impressive pillar overhead. A long traverse across the rocky face followed by another hanging footbridge will be an exciting experience to say the least. One more easy section up a beautiful arête and you’ve reach the top of the tower. The descent starts via a long traverse across Jalouvre’s upper face until you reach a steep couloir equipped with cables, bringing you to Col du Rasoir pass and a well used hiking trail. (Often snow here at the beginning of the season). DIFFICULTY: this route is fairly long and committing, especially once beyond the hanging footbridge. The descent can also be more challenging at the beginning of the season when there may still be snow. TECHNICAL INFORMATION : Approach walk: 20 to 30 min. Exposure: South-West Length : 1100 m Vertical drop Via Ferrata : 450 m Altitude of Via Ferrata summit : 2000 m Alfifude departure Via Ferrata : 1550 m Total height difference: 590 m Total climbing time : 5 to 6 h (ascent + descent) / (in French) Fred's outing - Time: 2 to 3 hours. Difficulty: 1st part to "la Sortie à Fred": AD by the "passage à Coco", D+ by the passage "le Sortie à Fred". D+ by the passage "le Devers du Cul tourné", 2nd part: D+. Two other via ferrta in the area are of interest: - The “Yves Pollet-Villard” via ferrata in La Clusaz, just off of the road that leads to Col des Aravis pass. Difficulty: D -The “Roche à l’Agathe” (Agatha’s Rock) in Thônes, just outside the village center. Difficulty: D and TD

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    Alpine hike: Pas de l'Ours Trail
    From 06/15 to 10/15.

    Subject to favorable weather.
    Departure to : Ugine
    Height difference : 900m
    Duration : 5h

    Itinéraire câblé du Pas de l'Ours : A partir de la ville d’Ugine. Prendre la route menant au Col de l’Arpettaz, puis suivre la route carrossable des Montagnes d’Ugine jusqu’au chalet de Merdassier du Milieu à 1585 m. Parking. Du chalet de Merdassier du Milieu, on atteint le départ par un sentier longeant la crête qui relie la Tête de l’Aulp au Mont-Charvin en 1h30 environ. Passage naturel, la Mène Noire est une vire étroite entre une bande de schiste et de calcaire. La suivre sur 250 m grâce au parcours équipé de câbles qui débouche sur l’arête faîtière du Mont-Charvin où la vue se dégage sur les Alpes et où on domine la vallée de Manigod et tout près le lac du Charvin. En remontant l’arête assez aérienne, on parvient au sommet 2409 m, bordé au Sud par des parois rocheuses. Du sommet on jouit d’un magnifique panorama sur l’ensemble des Alpes du Nord, ainsi que sur les Massifs du Mont-Blanc et du Beaufortain. Descendre par le même itinéraire.