Canyoning la Belle aux Bois

Sliding down natural rock canyons, jumping into pools of clear water and even abseiling down a waterfall - these are the new sensations of water sports in the mountains.

76 rue Ambroise Martin

However, in spite of its fun appearance, canyonning is a technical sport which demands specialist knowledge, so you will be supervised by a canyonning guide, available every day upon request.


One price: 65 €
Multi-session tickets: from 120 € (2 canyons: Belle au Bois + Balme)
Fee: 350 €
Group adults: 56 to 60 € (Group from 5 people).

Hire of wet suits: €12 per 1/2 day; €17 per day.


From 10 years

Good to know

Don't forget swimsuit, towels and 2 pairs of shoes (1 to walk in the water)