Concert "La musique des Gens de l'Alpe"

Une vingtaine de musiciens parmi les meilleurs interprètes de musique traditionnelle savoyarde viendront animer le village : concert de carillon, conférence illustrée par Jean-Luc Joseph, musique en liberté...

Centre village

Centre village


Violin, accordion, harmonica, alpine horn and carillon will resonate and brighten up the city centre.
Jean-Luc Joseph, photographer, will tell us what music has meant for people in the mountain pastures and villages of the Haut Val d'Arly. The "Music of the People of Alpe" exhibition will open its doors on Saturday 13 July and will be open until 24 August, including a trench violin made by a former Poilu de Héry during the Great War.

Opening period

Saturday 24 August 2019 at 2.30 pm.


Free of charge.

Art et Culture en Arly

Kind of event : Cultural
Centre village
73590 Saint-Nicolas-la-Chapelle