Fishing at Plan dessert lake

A favourite place for anglers who enjoy fishing in mountain lakes, with two competitions organised in the summer. The lake at Plan d'Essert is an isolated site, 4km from the village centre. A perfect rest stop for hikers too.


Reachable for pedestrians and vehicles from spring to autumn, only when the safety gate is raised.

Opening period

From 05/06 to 10/10/2021.


Adult: 57.80 to 94 €
Teenager (12-18 years): 18.30 to 21 €
Day Card: 10.10 to 14 €
Weekly Card: 20 to 33 €
Woman discovery card: from 35 €
Discovery card -12 years: 5.50 to 6 €.


Direct, Société de pêche du Val d'Arly
  • Picnic area