Trail of Flumet

From the Tourist Office, this alpine trail through the forest allows you to discover the summit of Gâteau and join its orientation table with its exceptional panorama of Mont Blanc and Beaufortain!

Positive altitude difference
Negative elevation
Markup Precisions
Specific trail tag affixed to existing signs and markers.
Nature of the land
Pebbles, Ground

After a departure from the Tourist Office, go up to the CHURCH then head towards CAHOT, THE CHAR, BELLAVARDE, and the BALMETTES. From there, take the track towards TRÉLACHAT, then continue until the CAKE. Then take PIED DE LA CRÊTE, then CRÊTE DU SCIOZIER, continue on THE SIGNAL OF THE BAG, BOIS DES ÉCUELLÉS, the STOZALETS and go down again on the SCIOZIER, then LE PONT DE FER, LA TOUVIÈRE, and finish on THE BIOLLAY. Continue the path on LE PETIT BIOLLAY, then THE MORETTES PONTETS and finally return by THE CHAR. Finish by the same route.