Trail of St Nicolas la Chapelle

Enjoy this trail with its magnificent panoramas, especially on the summit of Mont Blanc and the Dôme du Goûter between Croix Stata and Croix Cartier!

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Markup Precisions
Specific trail tag affixed to existing signs and markers.
Nature of the land
Pebbles, Ground


Take the departure at the Avenières car park at St Nicolas la Chapelle (after Bois des Avenières at 1535m altitude). From there, join the TREU where a splendid panorama awaits you. Take direction on LES STALLETS, then HAUTS DE BOGNEUVE, and finally BOGNEUVE where the chalets with their herds of cows will be at the rendezvous. Continue on PELOSET, THE CROSS OF STATA, UNDER THE CROSS and back down on LES CARRÉS. Follow the direction of ROZETS (CHAUCISSE village), then ROUTE DES MONTAGNES, NANT DE CHAUCISSE, PRAZ OF SIERRES, UNDER THE TREU and return to the parking Avenières.