Via Ferrata du Parc Thermal

This via ferrata is traced in the Bonnant gorges, between the Thermal Park and the village of Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc. It is prohibited for inexperienced adults and minors not accompanied by any experienced adult

Daily duration
Delicate passages
After a first part rated AD + (Quite difficult), the via ferrata is D + (difficult ), then TD + (very difficult ) in its final part. The last two sections, after the first loophole, are very difficult and climbing skills are required.
Markup Precisions
Allée Gontard Parc Thermal
Le Fayet

In addition to classic equipment (ladders, etc.), this via ferrata is equipped with six structures: 3 Nepalese walkways, a log walkway, a beam and a monkey bridge.

It is located behind the thermal baths, reachable in 15 minutes on foot.
It is also possible to take the start from the Thermes footbridge, without making the 1st section

AD + rating (Quite Difficult +)
Duration approximately 1 hour
Escape n ° 1 Mick Bozon at the footbridge of the Baths at the end of this section. After this exit, rating D + (Difficult +)

D + rating (Difficult +)
Duration approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes
Escape n ° 2 Maurice Lenoir.
Escape n ° 3 Thierry Broisat. After this exit, TD + rating (Very Difficult +)

TD + rating (Very Difficult +)
Duration approximately 1 hour
Final outing under the ruins of Châtelet

Opening period

Do not enter Via Ferrata during stormy weather or at night.
Open in spring - summer - autumn, depending on the weather. For more information please contact the Tourist Office.


Free access. The Compagnie des Guides de Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc organizes supervised outings with guides to introduce you to this activity, take you and make you discover this exceptional itinerary in the Pays du Mont-Blanc.
- 1st section: 50 euros per person maximum 6 people
- 2nd section: 80 euros per person maximum 4 people
- the integral: 150 euros per person maximum 2 people.

Good to know

Minimum size: 1.50m. Access to the Via Ferrata is prohibited for kids not accompanied by any experienced adult. If you are driving, it is advisable to park in the parking lot of the Bettex gondola lift in Saint-Gervais, and reach the Thermal Park on foot via the path from the Chatelet ruins. This allows you to reach your vehicle easily from the final exit or from the loophole # 2. It also gives you a physical warm-up before entering the via ferrata.

  • Parking
Tourism Adapted
  • Not accessible in a wheelchair