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Notre Dame de Bellecombe
Leisure area
From 01/07 to 31/08 between 4 pm and 8 pm.
Closed Saturday and Sunday.

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Notre Dame de Bellecombe
Fishing at Plan dessert lake
From 06/06 to 11/10/2020.

Reachable for pedestrians and vehicles from spring to autumn, only when the safety gate is raised.

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Notre Dame de Bellecombe
The Lake of Evettes
From 01/06 to 30/09/2019, daily.

From 06/06 to 11/10/2020, daily.
Departure to : Notre-Dame-de-Bellecombe
distance : 2.8km
Height difference : 130m
Duration : 1h

DEPARTURE : Lachat parking (tennis) - Notre Dame de Bellecombe. Follow the indications "Chez Maryse" and continue to the end of the road. ROUTE : From the tennis court, go to the LE LACHAT signpost. Take the trail in the undergrowth to LE GOLET. Go down the track towards LES CLIEUX and LA LAC DES EVETTES. Return by the same route. POINTS OF INTEREST : - Lake Evettes, nice little natural lake in the middle of the fir trees. Possibility of fishing, information at the tourist office. - The "Cache-cache des animaux" trail, thematic trail to discover the fauna of our mountains.

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Flumet / St Nicolas la Chapelle
Animal trail "Animal Hide n'Seek"
All year round.
Departure to : Flumet
distance : 2km
Height difference : 15m
Difficulty : Level green –very easy
Duration : 40min

Little Sioux and great Apaches will come to discover the fauna of our region! Colorful silhouettes of animals living in our mountains, life-size, or almost, are hidden in the woods, forming a charming animal course. The Papoose will look for the animals, the older ones will read the panels explaining the manners of these animals of the woods.