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Visits & Heritage

In the Val d’Arly, we have kept the heritage of our ancestors alive.
Here we combine know-how, savoir-vivre and savoir-être in the past, present and future.

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Let yourself be guided

in history

Several types of visits are available to you in all seasons in the Val d’Arly:
From the traditional farm tour with tasting, to the cultural village tour, passing by the guided tour of the Tourbière and its nature reserve.
Treat yourself to a trip back in time with the museums that trace ancestral know-how.
Let yourself be surprised by a theatrical tour to dive into history, immersion guaranteed!



meeting the past

Treat yourself to a trip back in time with the Museums of the Val d’Arly that trace ancestral know-how.
Water mills, life of yesteryear, wildlife of our mountains, agriculture and cheese-making know-how.

But also the fairy tales revisited in animated scenes with automaton characters…a small unusual world of “paper dough” and “salt dough”, imagined and created by a whole family, Edith and Daniel Breyton and their children, Claudine, Lise and Bruno.

Discover the museums of the Val d'Arly
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Natural heritage

The Val d’Arly is full of exceptional views of the Mont-Blanc and all the Alps, in the middle of waterfalls, lakes and a luxuriant fauna and flora.

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Cultural heritage

The seven churches of the Val d’Arly show the richness of the heritage of this beautiful Savoyard valley, where the baroque inspiration is expressed in an original way, mainly in the buildings of St Nicolas la Chapelle and Flumet.

There are also magnificent traditional farms, as well as old and sacred stones that tell us the fascinating history of the valley.
The inhabitants of the Val d’Arly are very attached to the traditions of life and will not fail to make you share them during traditional festivals, gourmet walks…

Discover the Cultural Heritage
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Our Unusual Breaks

in the Val d'Arly

Curious” moments to share with family and friends, during visits, meetings, workshops…

Insolite Pauses? Kesako?
Unique and original appointments in the villages throughout the winter and summer season to discover the heritage of the Val d’Arly in a different way.
Art and culture, flavors and know-how, stories and traditions: the territory will reveal all its secrets!

Note: Do not miss these RDV because there will be no catch-up session!




Aosta, Yvoire, Geneva… take advantage of excusions with our partner les Autocars Blanc.
Departures from the villages of Crest-Voland, Notre Dame de Bellecombe and Flumet.

Let yourself be transported and fully enjoy the destination without fatigue or parking problems.