Taking a hot-air balloon flight is a special event in itself but when you have views of Mont-Blanc too, then it is very special. Set off on an unforgettable aerial journey, travelling in another dimension just like Jules Verne.

Treat yourself to a magical hot air balloon ride

Available whatever the season, you can treat yourself to a hot air balloon ride and discover the highest alpine peaks during this adventurous journey, just like Jules Verne, overlooking the mountain range of Mont-Blanc.

673 route du Val d'Arly 74120 Praz-sur-Arly

Opening period

Throughout the year : open daily.


Direct, Alpes Montgolfière 04 50 55 50 60

    Alpes Montgolfière compagnie aérienne

    673 route du Val d'Arly
    74120 Praz-sur-Arly