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Feet in the water

in Crest-Voland Cohennoz

The Val d’Arly is full of mountain lakes, waterfalls, torrents, rivers and lakes that everyone will love during a stay in the mountains.
For fishing lovers, make the most of your stay in Crest-Voland to discover the magnificent fishing spots in the mountains.

Take the high road

With temperatures rising, crowded beaches and a heat wave on the horizon, escape the city and get some fresh air!

In Crest-Voland and the surrounding area, rivers and mountain lakes are the perfect places to enjoy a pure moment of relaxation.
Nearby, go for a dip or laze on the beaches of Flumet lake. 
And why not have a picnic or a barbecue facing the Mont-Blanc next to Mont-Lachat lake above the village of Crest-Voland / Cohennoz?

Gain in freshness

You can enjoy the rivers and lakes of Crest-Voland / Cohennoz.
Go to nearby streams and lakes to fish, to dip your toes or for a good country picnic.