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Theatralised visitThe Last Perch

Theatralised visit

This theatralised visit was created for the 70th anniversary of the resort
by the company En Visite Simone.

Come and join us on the hunt for Odile, lover of Lucien nicknamed “Lachat”, and discover the history of Crest-Voland / Cohennoz!


It's an extraordinary way to discover the history of the resort in a different way! The actor "Lucien" manages to tell anecdotes through his love story with Odile. The actor goes from one character to another in a second. You're sure to have a great time!

Let us guide you

Join us at the end of the day, as the sun sets on the place du Bouloz, next to the town hall of Crest-Voland.

After just a few moments, in a puff of smoke, the actor appears: it’s Lucien.
He needs your help to find Odile, his childhood sweetheart.

Come and embark on this interactive tour, full of humor, stories and anecdotes about the village of Crest-Voland / Cohennoz.
You will learn about the historical characters who played an essential role in the life of the village and the development of the resort.

A little tour in the village

From the Crest-Voland / Cohennoz Tourist Office, to La Logère, passing via Le Crest and ending at the old school, there will be frequent stops during the tour. Lucien will tell you about the life of the resort, from the creation of the ski lifts to the anecdotes of the holiday camp Les bérets verts.

Leave with peace of mind

and live this unique experience

Date of visits

Thursdays of February Holidays 2022


73590 Crest-Voland / Cohennoz – Place du Bouloz

Practical info

Animals accepted

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