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Snake Gliss at Notre Dame de Bellecombe

An activity for everyone!

With family or friends, from 10 to 77 years old, come and try this unusual activity that is the Snake Gliss.
The sleds, all identical, fit together to form a single train that is piloted by a guide.

What is Snake Gliss?

The Concept

The sledges, all identical, are attached to each other to form a single sledge train driven by a professional.
They are attached by a removable axe that allows the train to make real turns, providing a thrilling descent!
Sitting in your sledge, you will put your feel in the sledge in front of you. So, all the individual sledges become one big sledge that everybody will have to drive together to get down the mountain!

An activity for everyone

With family or friends, from 10 to 77 years old, come and try out this unusual activity called the Snake Gliss.
This activity is open to anyone who does normal sledging.
The places at the front of the train are relatively calm, and this is where you will appreciate the ride (usually we put the children there). The further back in the train you go, the more you will feel the turns, so people who are sporty and keen for thrills will love being at the back!