Guarantee of quality

Our commitments

The Quality Tourism mark is to offer you a guarantee of quality of our services because the Tourist Office of Val d’Arly wants to be at the heart of your satisfaction.

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A commitment to quality

The Val d’Arly Tourist Office made the choice to integrate a quality approach at the time of its merger with Arlysère, in January 2017.
We obtained the QUALITÉ TOURISME mark on April 12, 2018

A harmonization of work methodologies in the different offices of the Tourist Office is justified by its membership in the Quality Tourism approach. It allows a common perception of the Val d’Arly on the part of visitors and local partners.

In our opinion, the Quality Tourism Approach is experienced by the Tourist Office and its team as a state of mind to be as close as possible to customer service.

It adapts to our objectives of providing our visitors with a service of excellence.

Tourism Quality

Our customer commitments

Reception and Information

Welcome you and inform you with professionalism and friendliness in our 4 reception offices.


Selecting for you the best of the activities, services and terroir of our territory.


Make you vibrate with the animations and events, traditional and contemporary, of the Val d’Arly.

At your service

Listening to you to always improve our services and those of our partners.

Tourism Quality

Our Quality Tourism commitments

– Improve the accessibility and visibility of the Tourist Office.
– Ensure a personalized and warm welcome, thanks to a trained competent staff.
– Optimize the management and provision of tourist information.
– Provide clear and accurate tourist information, adapted to the visitors’ demand.
– Facilitate the dissemination of information 7/7 d and 24/24h and ensure the promotion of the territory using multimedia tools.
– Enhance the destination by offering more services: store and ticketing, digital reception.
– Define a strategy by mission with an action plan. To propose tourist products adapted to the services, the desires of the customers and the territory.
– To manage suggestions and complaints. To be part of a sustainable development approach.
– To ensure our role as coordinator as a link between tourism partners.

Tourism Quality

Your Tourist Office classified in Category I

Your Val d’Arly Tourist Office, classified in category I since May 7, 2018, belonging to the network of the National Federation of Tourist Offices of France, is committed to:

– Providing an easily accessible reception area and information area.
– Facilitating your steps.
– Offering you furniture to sit on.
– Inform you free of charge about the local tourist offer.
– Display and broadcast its opening periods in at least two foreign languages.
– Offer you free access to wifi.
– Be open at least 305 days a year, including Saturdays and Sundays during the tourist season.
– To answer all year long to your mails.
– To ensure a permanent reception service by staff who speak at least two foreign languages.
– To ensure the supply of tourist maps, plans and tourist guides on paper.
– To provide access to its trilingual website dedicated and adapted to consultation via embedded media.
– To distribute tourist information also on paper, translated into at least two foreign languages, concerning all classified tourist accommodation, including at least the name of the establishment, postal address, e-mail address, website address, telephone number, and the level of classification; monuments and cultural, natural or leisure tourist sites, which may include an indication of the rates in effect, the periods and times when they are open to the public, the website, and telephone and postal addresses; events and activities; and emergency telephone numbers.
– Update annually its tourist information.
– Display emergency telephone numbers on the outside.
– To present all the qualified offer of its intervention zone for all the customers.
– To give access to the consultation of the availabilities of classified lodgings.
– Handle your complaints and measure your satisfaction.
– Offer a tourist information service that integrates new information and communication technologies (social networks, cell phones, geolocation, etc.).
– Respect the requirements of the [certification…] or [brand…].
– Provide you with a travel consultant.
– Guarantee the reliability and timeliness of information on the local tourist offer.

Everything for the family

The Family Plus Label!

What the label expects from us

6 commitments for welcoming children and adults:

– A personalized welcome for families
– Activities adapted for all ages
– From the youngest to the oldest: to each his own rate
– Activities for young and old, to experience together or separately
– All shops and services at hand
– Children pampered by our professionals

Crest-Voland / Cohennoz is THE ideal resort for a family vacation.

The whole tribe will be transported in a mountain atmosphere, at 1200 meters of altitude, with a balcony view on the Aravis chain and under the benevolent eye of Mont Blanc.

Thanks to its village spirit, everyone will appreciate the warmth of its inhabitants and shopkeepers who know how to welcome young and old in a privileged way.

Its mountain bike domain is for learning as well as for thrill seekers.
Trails full of incredible fauna and flora, the picnic on the banks of a river will delight young and old.
Whether on foot, by road bike, mountain bike or stroller, explore the trails and roads of this high valley of Savoie between the Col des Aravis and the Col des Saisies.
At the bend of the paths, share the know-how and the gastronomy of this village, which is located between the Beaufort and Reblochon countries.
Discover its Regional Nature Reserve with its unique flora and fauna.

Since the installation of the first vacation camp at the beginning of the 1930s, through the creation of the winter sports resort in 1951, Crest-Voland /Cohennoz has made a specialty of welcoming families and children.

Today, it wants to value this “knowledge-receiving”, since spring 2018 through the Family Plus Label.

Quality of life

The label of Cities and Villages in Bloom

The “Cities and Villages in Bloom” label is intended to enhance the value of municipalities that work to create an environment conducive to the welcome and well-being of residents and vacationers.

It rewards the actions carried out by local authorities in favor of a plant and natural heritage conducive to improving the quality of life.

You will find the “Cities and Villages in Bloom” label in the Val d’Arly in Crest-Voland / Cohennoz and Notre Dame de Bellecombe.

It is in Notre Dame de Bellecombe that you will find new developments in favor of this label.
For example:
– A development of the cemetery with the installation of benches
– A free exchange book gondola
– The installation of street names and numbers
– The installation of distributors of dog waste bags
– The installation of a shared composter
– The installation of a rainwater recovery tank

Thanks to this label, the Val d’Arly Resorts-Villages are recognized for promoting your well-being during your stay and for its inhabitants.