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In “La Giett”, as this typical village nestled in the heart of the Aravis is known, time stops long enough to offer visitors an exceptional view from the top of its ski area over the mountain ranges of Beaufortain, Aravis and Mont-Blanc. A veritable secret location which is connected to the Portes du Mont-Blanc ski area, boasting 100 km of runs, this village-resort is a place apart where mountain atmosphere combines with peacefulness.


Ski Area


Ski area "Les Portes du Mont-Blanc": 100km of slopes linking the resorts of Combloux, Megève (Jaillet), La Giettaz + Cordon (not connected ski to the feet). Bus connection with the rest of the domain Évasion Mont-Blanc (445km of slopes) from Le Jaillet (about 10 minutes).

Ski au milieu des sapins et des chalets d'alpages, face au Mont-Blanc.
Panoramas exceptionnels sur la Chaîne des Aravis et le Mont-Blanc. Au sommet du Torraz, c'est un panorama à 360° à vous couper le souffle !
31 remontées : 1 télécabine, 8 télésièges dont 3 débrayables, 19 téléskis, 3 tapis.
68 pistes : 7 noires, 29 rouges, 18 bleues et 14 vertes.

1 espace ludique.

Parkings gratuits - 3 salles hors sac avec distributeurs de boissons chaudes.
Pour se restaurer en famille, entre amis ou en couple, Les Portes du Mont-Blanc offrent un choix très varié entre une dizaine de restaurants d'altitude et une vingtaine d'aires de pique-nique répartis sur le domaine skiable.

135 canons à neige sont répartis sur le domaine pour assurer un enneigement de qualité.

Liaison en bus avec le reste du domaine Évasion Mont-Blanc (445km de pistes) à partir du Jaillet (environ 10 minutes).



Adult 4 hours
À partir de 34 €
Adult day
À partir de 37.5 €
Adult 6 days
À partir de 194 €
Child 4 hours
À partir de 27.5 €
Child day
À partir de 30.5 €
Child 6 days
À partir de 155.5 €
Student day
De 25 à 34 €
Senior 1/2 day
À partir de 31 €
Senior day
À partir de 34 €
Senior 6 days
À partir de 174.5 €
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Infos et Réservations

Directe, SEM Les Portes du Mont-Blanc

En chiffres

Altitude du domaine

1200 m. -> 1930 m.

Pistes de ski

12 ( 0 km)
18 ( 0 km)
30 ( 0 km)
8 ( 0 km)

Remontées mécaniques






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La Giettaz en Aravis
Discover our orientation course Distractions et loisirs

Monday 23 décembre 2019 at 10H30

Test your sense of direction! From beacon to beacon, analyze and interpret the map but also the space around you ... Curiosity is the watchword! Plan a pair of snowshoes (rented in our sports shops)!

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La Giettaz en Aravis
Christmas market Manifestations commerciales

Monday 23 décembre 2019 at 15H

Many craftsmen come to you for your latest Christmas gifts !

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La Giettaz en Aravis
Foly Val d'Arly in La Giettaz en Aravis Distractions et loisirs

Monday 30 décembre 2019 at 16H

From 6 years

Come challenge yourself and maybe qualify you for the final on the 4th day.

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La Giettaz en Aravis
New Year's Eve party at La Giettaz in Aravis Distractions et loisirs

Tuesday 31 décembre 2019 at 18H

Piou-Piou and the instructors of the ESF La Giettaz come to wish you a Happy New Year 2019. The OT of Val d'Arly will then offer you the Fireworks of the New Year and the Municipality, its Glass of the Friendship, all in a musical atmosphere.

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Notre Dame de Bellecombe
"Unusual Break" in Val d'Arly Culturelle

Wednesday 01 janvier 2020

Unique and original appointment every week to discover otherwise the heritage of Val d'Arly.

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La Giettaz en Aravis
Ski with Eagles festival in La Giettaz en Aravis Distractions et loisirs

Monday 02 mars 2020 at 15H30

Come and attend an unique and unusual event during a day time! Les Aigles du Léman Park show you their greatest mountain vultures and offer you several events: exhibition, ski descent with eagles, show...

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La Giettaz en Aravis
"Winter Theatre" Festival at La Giettaz Distractions et loisirs

Monday 09 mars 2020

The Winter Theatre Festival opens its doors to a troupe of comedians who will skillfully catch your attention! The places of everyday life will become the space of a moment ... stage of theater, open the eye!

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La Giettaz en Aravis
Aravis Snow Trail Sports

Sunday 29 mars 2020

From 6 years

For sports enthusiasts, come and face the challenge of this foot race on groomed snow. 4 trails : one about 5km (extra soft) for young 12-15 years, one about 11km (soft) and another 15 km (expert). Finally, children (6-11yrs) can run the "Croué Trail”, on the cross-country tracks.

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La Giettaz en Aravis
Aravis Bike Tour Sports

Saturday 06 juin 2020

From 18 years

A week dedicated to cyclists. Come and discover, or rediscover, the roads and mountain passes of our region, a cycling area that regularly hosts the Tour de France.

Key Resort Dates
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Petit Croisse Baulet Roman boundary marker

The Petit Croisse-Baulet Roman boundary marker is one of Val d’Arly’s ancient remains. An ideal excuse for good walkers to explore this together with the other two markers of Le Jaillet and L’Avenaz (7 hrs walking).

L'Avenaz Roman boundary marker

The Roman boundary marker of l'Avenaz is one of the Val d'Arly's ancient remains. An excuse for good walkers to discover this and the other two Roman boundary markers - Le Jaillet and the Petit Croisse-Baulet (7 hrs walk).

Le Dard waterfall

Pretty waterfall located between Flumet and La Giettaz, on the side of the D-road. It also bears the nickname of the Bride’s Veil. Le Dard is the name of the mountain river, stopped mid-flow by a slate cliff.

Villa Jeanne d'Arc

Villa Jeanne d’Arc, built between 1908-1914, is the first example of La Giettaz’s legacy as a resort. Initially a hotel on the Route des Grandes Alpes, then a rest home and finally a preventatorium, it traces the evolution of tourism in the village.

Christmas market

Many craftsmen come to you for your latest Christmas gifts !

Notre Dame des Alpages

The Virgin of Alpine Farms is a statue that was built by alpine farmers in 1956, situated at an altitude of 1800 m. She is believed to protect the farmers, their animals and the whole village. Possible to hike via the Route du Plan to reach the statue.

La Giettaz church

The church at La Giettaz, dedicated to St Pierre-aux-Liens, was rebuilt in the mid-19th century to replace the previous 14th century building. Its bulb-shaped belltower and its furnishings make it a fine example of late baroque Savoyard style.

La Porte des Aravis

At the north of the Aravis pass, the "Porte des Aravis" is an imposing opening in the middle of the crest. Its aspect can be compared to a hole in a row of teeth. This geologic curiosity is associated to the legend of Gargantua.

Oratoire des Clapières

The Oratoire des Clapières is the only wayside cross to have escaped the destruction of the Revolution : it is the oldest in Val d’Arly. Situated on the Route des Chalets, its name comes from “clapier” meaning pile of stone.

Le Jaillet Roman boundary marker

The Roman boundary marker at the Jaillet pass is one of Val d'Arly's rarest ancient remains. Together with the markers of the Petit Croisse Baulet and L'Avenaz, they offer the excuse for a themed walk open to good walkers (7 hrs walking).

The Aravis mountain range

The Aravis mountain range stretches 25 km from north to south, from Bonneville to Ugine, with its highest point, the Pointe Percée, at 2752 m. It is between the Bornes mountains to the west and the Arve and Arly valleys to the east.

Nants chapel

Little chapel located at the place known as L'Abbaye and which is part of the Oratory and Cross itinerary.

Museum - A la Rencontre du Passé

Display of traditional Savoie costumes, a woodwork workshop and a snow themed exhibition: skis, sledges, bob sleighs. Possibility of visit during village tour on Friday mornings.

Aravis Pass

Mountain pass (alt: 1498m) – means of passage between Savoie and Haute Savoie. Magnificent views over Mont-Blanc. Alpine meadows, hiking trails, restaurants…

The Chapel of Le Plan

The chapel of Le Plan was built at the end of the 1860s at the initiative of Abbé J.M. Jiguet and the local residents. Blessed in 1870 under the protection of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, the chapel is in neo-gothic style.

Chapelle sainte Anne

Cette chapelle, située au col des Aravis, est dédiée à sainte Anne, patronne des voyageurs. Erigée en 1650 elle est reconstruite vers 1765 par le curé de La Giettaz.Bien que située sur la commune de la Clusaz, elle est entretenue par les deux paroisses.

Virgin of Le Châtelard

The Virgin of Le Châtelard can be reached by an easy, short walk (1 hr – 3.2 km, 700m difference in altitude) from the Col des Aravis. The ramble offer lovely views over the Arondine valley, Aravis and Mont-Blanc mountains.

"La Tête du Torraz" - Panoramic views

A superb peak, an exceptional balcony overlooking the Aravis mountains. Its mind-boggling 360° views are worth seeing. The peak is one of the features on the Pays du Mont-Blanc et des Balcons de l’Arly hiking tour, following the length of the ridge.