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We introduced Cédric Tassan from VTOPO and his buddies to the Val d’Arly…
Here is what they got from their experience!

Views of majestic landscapes, great open spaces, local products and perfect little biking tracks with Mont Blanc in the background.

Here is everything we love showing off about our region summed up in a 3 minute video.
Turn up the sound!


A true mountain bike adventurer, Cédric is none other than the creator of VTOPO editions. He travels the world with his mountain bike, his drone and his camera. In 2020, he came with his friends to test the trails of the Val d'Arly!

Let's go...

Film directed by Cedric Tassan, with riders Thierry Raulet and JP Riou.

VTT Tour du Val d'Arly
VTT Tour du Val d'Arly
VTT Tour du Val d'Arly

#Followtheguide – Cédric Tassan of VTOPO Editions

The alarm goes off early that morning in the Val d’Arly! A perfect day of riding awaits us and we must make the most of it!
With Thierry and JP, we meet our local guide for a breakfast with a view!
It looks like it is going to be an incredible day, in terms of weather and of views!
We begin by quite a technical ascent than brings us to a track that leads us along the cliff under Etale.
This track makes us feel like we could just pop over onto Mont-Blanc.