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Go on an adventure

Dog sledding excursion

François and his family tell us in pictures their experience with the huskies.


Tells his experience

Arrival on the scene

Early morning

We arrive on site, a beautiful place, with fresh snow from the day before that had sprinkled the forest. The sun makes its appearance, shining its first rays from the Chaîne de l’Étale and illuminating the small plateau on which we are standing. The landscape starst to glitter, and it’s magical!

We hear the dogs and a first sled appears coming out of the woods.

My whole family is excited, especially our children …. It’s our turn soon to go on the track.




Meeting Benjamin, the musher

The musher welcomes us warmly, I warn him that one of our daughters is afraid of dogs and he calls over some puppies that were born a few months ago, with a white mother dog with dark eyes, named “Flocon”. A name and a situation which reassure Anaïs and amaze us all.

Our children exchange with theirs and everyone gets to know each other; it’s the perfect time to take some pictures and immortalize the moment.

In order to bond this new friendship with his canine companions, the musher suggests that we help them with their harnesses. The children are a little apprehensive but to our great surprise, the dogs bend their backs to let us know that they are ready to be harnessed.




Once the harnesses are on, we feel the excitement of everyone getting on, the dogs are barking and the children are ready to slide with mom in the sled. They are suddenly reminded of a fat man with a long white beard at Christmas time…

After the safety instructions have been covered and the family are well installed in the sled, it is my turn to take a small sled; I am going have a go at piloting this new machine. As a fan of snow sports, I can’t wait to get out on this beautiful snow.

“Only three huskies to pull me up the hill?!?”

That’s it everyone is ready, we let go of the brake and the huskies, we smoothly cross the starting line of the pen. The snow cracks under the runners and the dogs suddenly stop their barking, and concentrate on this small family competition.

We take in the moment, admire the landscape, and can’t help but smile.

We slide along the Arrondine, everything shining around us.

We enter a wood, and I have tamed my pack of three. We pass the sawmill and cross the bridge to start the climb towards Le Chapet.

Here we are like adventurers, plunged into the middle of the forest in this atmosphere like the Great North.

For my family and me it was an unforgettable experience with the musher and his adorable furry beasts.

Lilou, Anaïs and Tom will not forget Flocon and these great canine beasts for a long time.

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From 20/12 to 31/03


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