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The authentic mountain villages of Crest-Voland/Cohennoz have a gentle and welcoming character, inviting visitors to come and enjoy themselves in the heart of Savoie. Discover the generosity of the unpretentious locals and share their Val d’Arly : acquaint yourself with the unspoiled natural environment as you walk through meadows and forests, as well as the protected and little known wide open spaces, allow yourself to be guided by the plethora of enduring traditions and experience the pure spirit of Savoie.

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Ecomuseum of Cohennoz

Discover this unique collection of miniature mountain tools and traditional local objects. Not to be missed, the interactive displays give an idea of the alpine flora and fauna to be found in the mountains.

Cohennoz church

Originally Cohennoz was part of the parish of Héry-sur-Ugine, up until it obtained its independence in 1766. The church was built in the centre in 1781 and dedicated to St Pierre-aux-Liens.

Crest-Voland church

The church of Crest-Voland, which is dedicated to the Nativity of Our Lady, was built between 1863 and 1866 on the site of the old 16th century church.

Ainoz watermill

Come and visit Ainoz watermill, living testimony of Crest-Voland Cohennoz's history. Ghislaine and Patrick will reveal to you the secrets of this one of a kind building that used to be a watermill but also a flourishing manufacturer of wooden handles.

Diaporama Le monde des Tourbières

Virgin statue Notre-Dame des Victoires - Arly Gorges

The bizarre statue of Our Lady of Victories was positioned in the crevice over the Arly Gorges in 1920, at the same level as the Pont de Fer. The current statue replaces the original one which was stolen.

Mont-Lachat stretch of water

A stretch of water at the top of Mont-Lachat (no bathing allowed). Amazing panoramic views.

Diaporama "Oiseaux de montagne"

44th Festival of Traditional Ovens and Trades of Old

For 2 days, traditional brioches and loaves will be baked in the old village ovens in a tasty treat for everyone. The festival will also feature a pétanque competition, a demonstration of old trades and folk dancing.