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Our recipe for Tartiflette in the Val d’Arly

The emblematic recipe of winter in the mountains (in summer too!), Tartiflette is an easy dish to make at home.
To impress your guests, you should not skimp on the quality of the products! That’s the most important thing!

Choose with care

The ingredients

For 4 people

– 1kg of potatoes
– 250g of smoked bacon from the butcher
– 1 Reblochon cheese from our farm or from the Coopérative Fruitière du Val d’Arly
– 1 onion
– 1 garlic clove
– 250g fresh cream – with whole cream it’s even better
– Salt and pepper

Made with passion

The preparation

Prep time : 20minutes

Cooking time : 45minutes


1. Frying
Fry the potatoes with the bacon and onion.
2. Assembly
Once the potatoes start to melt, put everything in an ovenproof dish, add the fresh cream. Cut the Reblochon cheese into 2 discs. Arrange them on the potatoes.
You can add a bay leaf
3. Bake
At 180°c until the Reblochon is completely melted and slightly golden.
4. Enjoy!
Eat very hot with a green salad


Off you go!
La Tartiflette de Flumet / St Nicolas la Chapelle
La Tartiflette de Flumet / St Nicolas la Chapelle
La Tartiflette de Flumet / St Nicolas la Chapelle
Where to buy

The Reblochon from our region ?

Note that if you are far away, it’s not a problem!
La Coopérative Fruitière du Val d’Arly and its online store delivers in chronofresh in 24 hours!!

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