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UnavoidableManufacture of Reblochon cheeseat the Cooperative Fruitière du Val d'Arly

Manufacture of Reblochon cheese

A workshop organized at the Cooperative Fruitière du Val d’Arly

All the secrets behind the fabrication of Reblochon cheese will be revealed to you after this fun and educational cheese making workshop.
You will understand its history and the steps required to give character to our renowned PDO cow’s milk cheese.

Discover the secrets of manufacturing Reblochon cheese

Come along and roll your sleeves up and get your hands in the curd to learn the art of making reblochon: putting it in a vat, curdling, de-curdling, molding, pressing, draining, salting in brine, drying, and maturing.
There will be a chance to taste the cheese at the end of the workshop.

Did you know?

In the past, landowners had a right to claim tax money from the peasants who worked on the mountain pastures. This fee was collected once a year and was based on the number of pots of milk produced in one day by the cows. The quantity of butter and cheese that they could give was deducted from this.

The peasants thus paid their owner according to the quantity of milk produced in one day. Of course, when it came to checking, the farmer would sneakily cut short his first milking session, in order to pay less rent.

As soon as the inspector left, he would finish off his milking. The milk collected, therefore, probably wasn’t abundant, but very rich in cream, and ideal for making cheese.

Reblochon owes its name to this little fraud, locally called “Rebloche”, because in patois “Re-blocher” means to pinch the cow’s udders a second time.

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