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Located right in the heart of Val d’Arly, this village resort has the feel of a typical little mountain community, where local people and visitors happily mingle in the lively, beating village centre. Fans of culture and traditional everyday life are spoilt for choice: medieval church, pretty little streets, local specialities… and some breath-taking panoramic views too, all under the protective eye of Mont-Blanc.

Flumet / St Nicolas La Chapelle


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Flumet / St Nicolas la Chapelle
"Jazz en Bouche" Festival in Val d'Arly Culturelle

Friday 13 juillet 2018

The idea: bring together local gastronomy and jazz music! You will enjoy good dishes to the sound of a Jazz / Blues concert in our partner restaurants.

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Flumet / St Nicolas la Chapelle
Day of painters Culturelle

Thursday 19 avril 2018 at 14H21

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Flumet / St Nicolas la Chapelle
Festi'Val d'Arly Culturelle

Thursday 19 juillet 2018

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Flumet / St Nicolas la Chapelle
Show Tour The Arts of Music Hall in Val d'Arly Distractions et loisirs

Monday 13 août 2018 at 18H

They come back !!! The National Institute of the Music Hall arts returns in Val d'Arly with its new show. Show for all mixing comedy, popular song, and dance.

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Flumet / St Nicolas la Chapelle
33th Celebration of horses carriage Traditions et folklore

Sunday 19 août 2018 at 09H

Parade of coaches and horse-drawn vehicles in period costume through the streets of the town, with folk groups and brass bands. Lunch and dinner in a marquee with musical accompaniment.

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Notre Dame de Bellecombe
Pause Insolite : Le Salon des Poètes Culturelle

Thursday 19 avril 2018 at 14H21

Unique and original appointment every week to discover otherwise the heritage of Val d'Arly.

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La Giettaz-en-Aravis
Tour du Val d'Arly Sports

Tuesday 31 juillet 2018

Découverte d'une partie du Tour du Val d'Arly. Départ de la Giettaz au Col des Aravis, puis Bogneuve, Chaucisse, Saint Nicolas la Chapelle, et arrivée à Flumet.

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Le Mont-Charvin

Mont Charvin (2407 m) is one of the main peaks of the Aravis mountain range and is recognisable by its pyramid shape and steep rock face. This is maybe the reason for its name: Charvin means exposed summit (“charve” is patois for “chauve” meaning bald).

Our Lady of Bonnefontaine Oratory

"Le Gâteau" - Panoramic views

A pretty mountain, overlooking Flumet, which probably got its name ("gâteau" means cake in French) from its “millefeuille” cake shape. It offers splendid views over the Mont-Blanc chain of mountains, the Beaufortain and Aravis…

Château de Charbonnière

The "château" de Charbonnière is a fortified house dating from at least the 16th C. Burned during the Revolution, the only parts of its former exterior remaining are the large living quarters and one of the four elegant turrets that once adorned it.

Evettes Lake

After a mountain walk, come and relax by the side of this peaceful little lake surrounded by fir trees.

De Bieu Fortified house

The Maison De Bieu, standing on the edge of the village, is a 15th C fortified house with a distinctive square tower adjacent to the living area. Long-time home to the De Bieu family, it is Flumet’s last maintained and inhabited “château”.

Flumet church

Saint Théodule church in Flumet was rebuilt in 1682 after the the original 13th C church was destroyed by fire Particularly noteworthy because of its belltower in the shape of a medieval tower, its unusual design, rich furnishings and baroque altars.

"Le Gâteau" - Panoramic views

Magnificent panorama of the stations of the Val d'Arly, "Croix Cartier", "Le Croisse-Baulet", "Le Mont-Blanc"... A viewpoint is available to help you locate the various summits.

Mill in Tienne and Miller's house

Established within a mill which has been completely renovated, come and discover Flumet's daily life via this museum : photos, traditional household objects, old costumes and a little cafe.

33th Celebration of horses carriage

Parade of coaches and horse-drawn vehicles in period costume through the streets of the town, with folk groups and brass bands. Lunch and dinner in a marquee with musical accompaniment.

Hanging houses – Panoramic view

Flumet’s hanging houses, with their foundations built into the actual rock, overlook the river Arly 40m below. The only one of its kind in Savoie, this architectural group of buildings is most unusual, with breathtaking, dizzying views.

Abymes bridge

The Abymes bridge connects Flumet with Notre-Dame-de-Bellecombe. Interesting not only for its architecture, the bridge offers stunning views over the river Arly situated 32m below, the T’ienne mill and hanging houses.

Museographic space

The museum area, covering an area of 120m², presents: the link between the activity of farmers in the Val d'Arly, the operation of the dairy cooperative and our cheese know-how.

Eglise Saint Théodule : En accès libre

Chaucisse church

The local parish church was hard to reach on foot from the hamlet of Chaucisse, especially during the winter. In 1818, thanks to a gift from one of the village’s “expatriates”, a chapel was built that later became the parish church (1828 to the 1960s).

Château des Faucigny

The Château des Faucigny, fortified in the 12th century, is now a ruin. However, the building was once of great architectural and historical value and was part of the original development of Flumet.

Saint Nicolas la Chapelle church

Saint Nicolas-la-Chapelle church, dedicated to the saint of the same name, dates from the 18th C. The baroque building is notable because of its belltower with double light turret, sculpted porch, murals and canopied main altar – unique in Savoie.

Discover our mountain-how

Free visit of the area dedicated to our Val d'Arly territory, mountain farming and the manufacture of our cheeses: Reblochon, Beaufort...